May 10, 2009

..the tale of two slippers

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a quirky sweet momma to three.
Her footwear of choice were a comfy pair of snow white slippers.
But our fair maiden is kinda quirky and only will wear these fine shoes on the main level of her house.
They are always kicked off at the bottom of the stairs so they have never seen the light of the second floor.
Granted it's all carpet and really why would she need to wear slippers when there is plush carpet underfoot?
Such fine slippers one expected that they would last forever since the fair maiden loved them to death but alas, they fell apart before they were even 5 months old.
Made from yarn and foam they weren't exactly washable either.
The coffee stains tell it all.
So an search began for a new pair of slippers.
The old Roxy slippers:
They searched high and low scouring the stores in the mall until at last they were found!

My new UGG Slippers:

Comfy to the feet and made out of more durable materials we believe that these will fall into the same rank of solid foot wear like the Birkenstock sandals that I wore every summer for 15 years (I am now on my second pair of Birkenstock sandals and so far they have been worn in Hawaii and in Mexico)
I can honestly say that I got exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day this year.
And it's something I will actually use and also needed.

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