May 18, 2009

What's on your menu this week?

WoW..been awhile eh?
I promise.
We have not been eating Cream of Ketchup soup and stale crackers.
Or will we.
I have been busy making menus but the focus has changed some what these past two weeks.
Our way of thinking about what we are eating has also changed.
Clean eating/whole foods have peaked my interest and in the next few weeks my menus will be reaflecting more and more of that. It's almost like I am "re-training" my brain to think "outside" the box and to try and keep my kiddo's away from all the crap that is in our supermarkets.
But, until then
This week I will be feeding my family :

*grilled tandoori chicken & red onion skewers & Gazpacho salad
*Made this on Monday night and we all felt that this recipe is a keeper. So yummy!
The red onions were quite sweet and I know for next time that I can use all of the tandoori spice the recipe called for instead of cutting back. The salad didn't stand a chance and the whole thing was eaten the first night!
Upside down Shepherd's pie
*made this Tuesday night and Big Daddy and Niffy nunu love it but the little ones weren't a huge fan.
Actually we had to "force" then to have at least 4 bites each. **sigh** maybe next time!

*Slow-cooker chunky chicken chili
*Pasta with meat sauce
*cheeseburgers with grilled onions

I know it can be frustrating finding a great idea and NOT have the recipe so, I tried to include as many links as I could find and pictures so you could see how YuMmy my menu is this week!!

For more Meal Plan Monday ideas click here

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mo_inoh said...

great blog. you made me want to come over for dinner. lol any ways i am going to approve your blog on BE.

Unknown said...
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kat said...

I can't wait to try the Tandoori Chicken! Thanks for posting recipes!