June 25, 2009

Milk might be on the science test...


Milk might be on the science test
Welcome to the June 24th version of Thursday Thunks!
(which we always seem to post on Wednesday)
Where we make you think a little bit before you blog!
This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Berleen, the number 1559 and the color calico.

1. Someone knocks at your door. You answer it. It's a kid from the local school selling candy bars for a fundraiser. Do you buy one?
...hang on, let me get my purse..if there's money in there sure, if there isn't nope...not going to happen this time around. Maybe try back after payday?

2. The end of the world is tomorrow and you are out of milk - do you go buy some?

well, that's a silly question..of course I would go and get milk. I do have an insistent little girl who wouldn't even think about not getting a drink of milk before bed.

3. Have you ever picked up the phone and called someone that you hadn't talked to in years?
Yep, **gulp** and it was nerve wracking but once we both got over the initial shock of what the other one sounded like the conversation just flowed and it felt like it did when we were kids.

4. Whats on your computer desktop background?
I have a mac so I used one of their premade/esthetically calming pictures of this little Japanese tea house (which is strange because I don't even like tea so why would I choose a tea house?)

5. What was the very first movie you saw in a movie theater?
Photobucket My dad took me to see "ET" I remember the smell of the big bag of popcorn and crying because I thought ET was dead which is a horrifying thought for a child. **shudders** I actually picked up the anniversary edition (strange that I am old enough for the anniversary edition) but we haven't even watched it.

6. If you had to take a 10th grade science test, do you think you would pass?
sure, if I had a week to cram before hand, which means that there couldn't be any children around so it would be quiet and I could actually study so at the rate I am going..no, I think I would flunk out...with the laundry, dishes, the msc (many small children) I don't get much "quiet" time now how would I study?

7. Describe heaven.
There isn't enough room in my blog to do that!

8. Has a place that you lived ever been infested with some sort of insect or rodent?

9. When you were a youngin',did you hide in the clothes racks at department stores? I probably did...

10. Is there anything in your vehicle that is broken?
Well, my windshield is cracked and needs to be repaired (call Speedy for a quote) and our tires need to be replaced (call fountain tire for a quote) plus while it's still warm I would love to get the carpets shampooed (call bubbles for a quote)

11. What is something in your house that people would be surprise to find?
Ummm..I would think no, but I am sure that there might be a pair of dirty socks at the end of my bed that might surprise someone. Wait! nope, I just washed the sheets so the socks are gone...so I am going to say, I am not sure.
How honest is that?

12. Do you agree with the death penalty?
thankfully we don't have the death penalty here..while I disagree with putting people in jail for the rest of their lives and giving them a job (and no where to spend their money) and an education (you seriously want a law degree now?) I wouldn't want to say yes and find out that someone was put to death and they were innocent... honestly, I am not quite sure of the history of the death penalty are you?

13. Whats your favorite type of bear? I have always been a sucker for the strong silent type

14. Where was the last place you went? like travel wise? that would be Mexico (insert happy sigh here) or in town? That would be to go and get milk and diapers... not very exciting I'm afraid!

15. What if that person knocking at your door earlier was an adult selling candy bars... would you buy one?
...hang on, let me get my purse..if there's money in there sure, if there isn't nope...not going to happen this time around. Maybe try back after payday?

now scoot...go and check out the other thursday thunkers!

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Dianne said...

You are too nice to strangers. : )
Ahh...Mexico...was there back in 1984.
Good answers!

Valerie said...

Enjoyed your answers. I'll have to get my Thursday Thunks up sometimes today lol!

Ria said...

I know, way late, but loved your answers