June 02, 2009

pictures from our "mini vacation"

We snuck off for a much needed "mini vacation" to Banff and now that the dust has settled somewhat I can share a few pictures of our adventures!
If you are looking for a place to stay in Banff make sure to check out The Hidden Ridge Resort the cabins are beautiful and there was a ton of room!

AHH!!! A bear!!
Oh wait..it's a stuffed bear.
The only one we ever saw the whole trip to Banff

Picnic fun!!

Hey wait!! Where is Niffy Nunu? Oh, that's right..she decided to sunbathe while the rest of us went on a search for the missing van keys

Giggles taking me for a walk

Mr. D and Big Daddy after exploring the great outdoors

Sweet Momma snuggling Giggles and Mr. D

Niffy nunu taking a picture of her shadow!!


Getting ready to go to the pool

Playing in the pool

Giggles, Mr. D and A-alittle bit playing

Giggles peeking at the Bow falls. We have learned that she really loves water and kept asking over and over what the water was doing

Giggles taking me for a hike in Banff

Mr. D and Big Daddy off the beaten path

Big Daddy threatening to toss Niffy Nunu in the "drink"

chillin out in the van on the way to the zoo

...pictures from the zoo

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Valerie said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. Love all of the pics!!