July 28, 2009

Giggles 0 Sudocream 1

We have all read "that" post.
Laughing until tears sprang from our eyes and the tears rolled down our chins while we read "that" post.
Forwarding it on to everyone in our contact list for a "good laugh".
At least I know I have.
And yes, I did openly admit that..I have snickered seeing someone Else's child covered from head to toe in diaper cream secretly pleased that it wasn't "my" child.
Until today....

You know the posts...
Child covers self with Sudocream.
Child touches everything so, of course, everything is covered with sudocream.
Mom makes horrifying discovery that adorable baby is hollering at the top of the stairs the sudocream has been smeared in their eye.
Along with her hair and everything else from the tip of giggles toes to her cute button nose was covered in a white tar like substance that I am convinced was manufactured by Syncrude.
It has to be.
Do you have any idea how hard this stuff is to scrub off a child?

So, I swept her off of her feet and races up the staires to put her in the bath tub only to discover that the carpet in front of the bathroom, the door frame, the outside of the toilet bowl, the toilet lid, the counter top, the sink and the faucet are all covered in sudocream. Smeared on by her sweet chubby little fingers.
I should have been thinking... "how am I going to get this stuff off?"
It was "where is my camera?!?"
Trust me, if the camera and I were on speaking terms I would have snapped a half dozen pictures.
But we aren't.
Apparently the lense doesn't want to actually come out of the digital camera.
**unhappy sigh**
So, I don't have any pictures to remember today..but I still have a stubborn little stain on the carpet to prove it!
Anyone know how to get this stuff OUT?
Maybe I should go back and find those posts...to see how those mom's got the stain out!
...wonder if they are still saved in my "sent" folder?

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Sara said...

Oh I totally relate to this post! My son did this with lotion... from HEAD to TOE!

As much as I laugh at those who have gone through this, it never gets old. Sure wish you had a picture! They are always so darn cute!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, hun!

Shan said...

Ashton had an episode with sunscreen while this preggo mommy shut her eyes for a bit. He squeezed it into a little tupperware container and mixed it with a fork. It sounds like a neat mess, but it was on the carpet and all over him. It is amazingly difficult to clean off of dishes too! I think it's a rite of passage in mommyhood. lol

SAGirl20 said...


scrolldown to :how do I remove sudocrem from carpets & fabrics
then click the link to see the steps

Unknown said...

omg how funny. My daughter did this just 2 days ago with Balmex.
her hair has been washed 3 times and it STILL wont come out!!