July 23, 2009


This is me.

And lately I have been...

...staying up way too late.

...rediscovering my love for a great book!

..."winning" and "loosing" on eBay.

...changing tons and tons of diapers.

...thinking about my little one that went to be with Jesus only 4 short months ago.

...avoiding housework & Laundry (I swear the dryer has been eating my socks!)

...wishing that God would give me a sneak peak at what's to come.

...wearing lots of flip flops.

...trying to be careful not to chip the nail polish on my toenails since a pedicure is a rare treat for me.

...fiddling with my camera and snapping oodle of pictures of nature and my kids.

...wondering if something special is happening sooner than I though but not 100% sure.

...being mysterious on my blog about some little upcoming changes which is driving some of my dear readers bonkers.

...working hard at just being me.

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Chickie said...

something special??? you have my full attention!

colleen said...

that is a very good book, and i too say you have my attention.. bet you i could guess

Michelle and Matt said...

hmmm... I'm curious..
What'cha been reading? I'm (sad to admit) deep into the Twilight series.