August 06, 2009

ah, the joys of potty training!


Day#2 of potty training giggles...
I am praying that it will be better than yesterday.
I am praying that it be better than yesterday!!

I guess I should have gotten the hint when Giggles started crying for her "iaper" first thing in the morning.
But, this is something we have to do.
Better now then in the winter time when we have snowsuits to deal with.
So,I stuck to my guns and put her in her panties.
Thank goodness I have a speed wash cycle on my washer,
I am convince that every pair of panties the child owns went in yesterday.
Either I need to buy the girl more "big girl panties" or she needs to figure this out and quick!
I know that once we get over this "hump"this will be a breeze for her but we just have to get OVER that hump!!
So far we have had one accident today.
Please be the ONLY accident we have today...
Guess only time will tell and since we are hitting the potty ever 20 minutes hopefully today we will get over that hump...
Dang..there goes my timer!
(hmm...I wonder who is being "trained" or her?

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Lindsey said...

Ah yes potty training, my soon to be 3 year old is FINALLY potty trained thank God. Unfortunately she was potty training while I was still pregnant then when the baby was born three months ago it back fired and she wanted to be the baby. I took one solid day dedicated to potty training and thank goodness she got it by the end of the day :)

Lindsey said...

If you tried to stop by my blog and couldn't comment you should be able to do so now, my service ended up null so I switched over to a new service, hopefully it works now! Have a blessed day.