August 26, 2009

my pretty girls...

I love it when the girls get new clothes! And in pink to boot!!
These darling new outfits came from Auntie V and Uncle Stephen in Ottawa.

The front..

The back...

This one is from Auntil Laura,
The outfit giggles wanted to wear and screeched until we put her in it!!

Thanks so much for all the wonderful outfits!!
The children looks darling in them :D

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kaitlin johnston said...

aww ! so cute :) i cant wait til i have kids to dress up !

Lindsey said...

Those are darling! I love girl clothes too since I have 3 girls I have no choice lol but there are some definitely adorable outfits out there, gotta love it :)

Tracey said...

How precious! Love the outfits from Ottawa. I have two girls and they are finally getting to the age where they enjoy going shopping for clothes and shoes (as long as it's for themselves, that is!)

Linda said...

These are so pretty! Very precious . . . :)