November 23, 2009

little green men and flying spatulas

Sooo very glad that this is OVER!!
Well, at least until next month when I have to make Giggles her birthday cake! **teeheee**
I had intended on starting this last night after the Christmas party but upon learning that I had no oil to put in the batter I had to wait till this morning.
I mentioned the party was at 3 right?
I put the cake in the oven at 9:40 (50 minutes to bake, 60 minutes to cool) EEK!!
Thankfully my oldest put the cupcakes in the oven last night so I got to work on something while waiting for the cake to cool!
Here I am starting on the "little green men"
which looked like this:
I ended up making 24 of these little guys.
But, halfway thru I ran out of icing (did you know those tubes of icing are so flippen small that they will only do 9 freeken cupcakes? Yeah, me either!)
so I had to make more icing.
And like normal...I was in a rush and my small spatula flew out of my hand and landed on my hardwood floor.
I was laughing so hard when it happened!!
All in all I think that the cupcakes turned out pretty good!
They looked like this:
I say looked because they are ALL gone.
Nothing is left.
Then it was time for the cake!
I started with this base:
This is me working on it...
The finished product!!

( I did not do the oldest did :) )
All in all...I finished the last bits of the cake at 2:30.
Shesh..nothing like cutting it close eh!

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stacey said...

you should become a cake decorator, heather! those are incredibly adorable!