April 20, 2010

so, I have found myself smack dab

In the middle of a mystery!
Now before you think that I am trading in mothering my children to become the next big private eye you need to know something.
This is no ordinary mystery.
I have decided to join he mystery dishcloth knit along over at Rachels knitting corner
She posts a set of rows each morning (between 8:30am and 9:00am Eastern Time) as well as post a link to her flickr album with progress pics along the way so you can check your work as we go if you choose to do so.
So far it's been pretty fun!
Granted it's also the first time I have done anything quit like this either.
Here are my first rows:

Believe it or not I actually found some quiet time during nap time so here are my second set of rows:

I am hoping you will get a chance to see what the picture will become but this yarn might make it a little difficult.
Guess we all shall wait and see!

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