June 04, 2010

Keeper of the Cheerios

..that should be my new title.
Because I swear all that I have done this morning is feed children.
And wipe snotty noses.
And try and convince my darling 3 year old that there are no monsters and "no I can't kill them because they are not real"
She doesn't believe me.
At all.
Utterly panicked with a tear stained face she begged me to "kill the monster"
Where she picked up "kill" is a little beyond me.
Kind of disturbing none the less but more disheartening that it took almost a half hour to calm her down.
You would never know now that she had such a fear filled morning.
She is happily playing upstairs..after 3 bowls of cheerios.
The kid must have a hollow leg or something..or is going into another growth spurt.
Funny, I just weeded out her clothing drawer and it looks like I might be doing that again soon...

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Crystal Roberts said...

Love this post, it made me smile! I will be following your blog! I have 5 kiddos so I can relate!

Carolyn Lowder said...

This post was so funny. With 3 kids, I'm definitely the keeper of the fruit snacks, raisins, pretzels, whatever. However I appreciate having a dog that cleans up the crumbs left behind. Thanks for sharing!