July 16, 2010

Why is there glitter all over my floor?

I will tell you why.
It's because SHE showed up...


We had a surprise visit from the tooth fairy a week ago

..just when I started to get comfortable with Mr. D heading off to school in the fall this happens .

" Momma!
I lost my tooth!!
I'm a big boy now!!"

I realize that baby teeth are supposed to fall out.
I went thru this years ago with Niffy Nunu so I should have been more on the ball that we were close.
But I didn't think we were this close.
This happened on the 7th and wouldn't you know it.
A week later and the OTHER tooth is wiggly.
Big Daddy told Mr. D that the "tooth fairy is on vacation and won't be back until September"
I wonder if he bought it?
Yeah, me either **sigh**
And, of course.
The tooth fairy didn't leave the customary quarter or loonie from when we were kids.
She left him ...

Granted, he loves it.
But what is she going to bring him for his second "lost" tooth?

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Crystal Roberts said...

smile : ) I understand!! 1 dollar isn't even enough from the tooth fairy any more, it's called inflation lol