December 09, 2010

One month in...

A new "normal" is beginning to emerge.
One with a little less sleep and a lot more laundry that's for sure!
But I think we are all adjusting pretty well.
Giggles still is a little confused as to why I can't feed the baby juice and Mr.D loves to smother Punky with kisses.
Lots and lots of kisses.
Hard to imagine what life was like before Punky joined our little family but she defiantly has found her place in all of our hearts.
It's only been a month but it has been a busy one!
At her one week well baby check the family doctor though that he heard a "click" in her right hip so we took her to see a pediatric specialist for a consultation. He didn't hear anything so next week we are taking her for an ultrasound.
I'm not worried.
God has her covered and we are believing that she is totally fine!!
we also have already faced our first breast feeding issues (dang thrush!!) too and on the mend.
So, that's where I have been... How has life been with you?

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