March 31, 2008

Oh the things you find

When your bored!!
I mean, Abby is tucked away in bed extremly early but then I think she is fighting something since she did feel like a toaster over when I was cuddling her earlier on tonight.

Noah is watching his favorite show of all time "Handy Manny", Jennifer is doing something with her beads and Barry is studying.

Who knew that the internet would be so boring sometimes!
Facebook is acting like a spoiled teenager and refuses to even open!
I have no new email messages.
Not even spam!

No one has posted anything new on the boards that I frequent so I went to and found this: Top Ten useless body parts honestly, I thought all of my body parts were pretty useful but I will agree on the body hair.
I would love to not have to shave my legs ever single day or have to deal with razor burn or accidently slicing off parts of my legs that I should really leave on...k, well I haven't done that in a really long time so maybe forget that I said that one.