April 01, 2008

Ear infections, dentist visits and pizza

Abby is only 15months old.
Yet my poor baby she is dealing with yet another ear infection! I think this is either her 4th or 5th ear infection yet handles it like a champ! She never pulls on her ears or anything. The only thing that gives her away is the tattle tale fever that makes her a clingy sucky mess! And now we wait for her ear/nose/throat doctor to see if she needs tubes. **sigh**
Oh, and did I mention that she had to have an chest x-ray today too?
That was a treat!
She has had a cough for over a month now so we need to find out what is going on.

so, not only was I running with Abby but then I had to turned around and run around with Jennifer! She had a dentist appointment and now she has to get a tooth pulled on the 1st of May and possibly needs braces some day down the road.

And now, I am waiting for my bread machine to finish making the dough so I can make pizza!!


Anonymous said...

I've seen so many ear infections - I totally feel for you! I think my 2 year old has it again, he's pulling on his ears... that'll be the 3rd or 4th time this winter! My 4 year old has had tubes (they've come out already) and that was an answer to prayer - he got infected every month! Good luck & hopefully your little one feels better soon :)