January 02, 2009

..and so the holidays are over.

New years Eve is behind us...
Our Christmas tree and all the decorations are safetly tucked away in the garage for another year.
I am still confused as to how I got all of the ornaments put away yet I had an empty box.
Not a shoe box either.
A big box!!

I know for sure that at least 8 Gold Christmas balls got destroyed over the holidays.
At least this year I didn't find out by stepping on some broken glass.
We still couldn't locate the missing decoration hangers so I better add that to my "to do list" for next year or there won't be any next year either!!
Plus I need to get hopping on those Christmas stockings..that should be really cool for next year!!
Of course..that means a trip to craft store for needles and yarn!!
Woo hoo!

I am getting anxious to get back to the "grind"
We leave for mexico in a month and our flights are all screwed up.
I am traying to get in touch with our travel agent to fix the mistake but I think she took today off.
We are hunting down Snow tires...that is getting harder and harder each day.
I don't want all season tires.
I was SNOW tires!!
I live in a place where it SNOWS!!
I am starting my second cake decorating course.
Plus bible study is starting soon...
I love being busy but I did enjoy the break!
For now I am just going to snuggle the little boy who just woke up!!