January 03, 2009

The kids first trip to the movies!

I'm not sure why we waited so long to take the little ones to their first movie at the theater.
I guess I was afraid of spending that kind of money and either having to leave half way thru it because someone was upset or worrying about someone one sitting still during the entire film but I was pleasently suprised at their behavior.
The kids were great!
I was suprised that there weren't as many people at the theaters when we went but the experience was a good one.
I got some awesome snuggle time in with miss giggles...we ate skittles, munched on popcorn.
**happy sigh**
She sat on my lap the entire time!
Bolt was her favorite..she would see him and say "wat happen?" "wat that? what that?"
She was adorable!
Mr.D claims after the fact to NOT liking the "puppy movie" but liked Mater (which we missed almost all of it).
I am so glad that I took the kids to see the movie "Bolt"
Wonder what film we will take in next?

Thanks to Mandi & Gennadi for snapping this family shot for us!!
Mr. D is in front, next is Big Daddy then Niffy nunu and I am holding miss giggles on my lap :D