January 03, 2009

Did you make a new years resolution?

Maybe you want to quit smoking?
Lose 10lbs?
read more?
sleep more?
gossip less?

I know, I know... honestly, who ever keeps them?
I did NOT make a new years resolution.
I am horrible at them.
Somehow I have not lost the last 15lbs of the baby weight even though I have promised myself to head to the gym 5 days a week
I have not organized any of my scrapbooking and I am sure that I need to update all of the kids baby books but...

Check this out!!
getting organized=more crafting
Caught your attention yet? totally caught mine!!
I love this blog...so many neat tips, tricks and ideas!!
And this one is just up my alley...especially since I just renewed my love affair with Knitting.

It's called Cozi.com. Heck, it's *free* and who doesn't love *free*
I checked it out...
The Lawrence family calendar and poof!
with the click of a mouse not only am I on...but I already have STUFF on the calendar!!
So here's the run-down on Cozi's features. (and no, I did not write this...)
It lets you manage and coordinate schedules, organize and store shopping lists that can be accessed from any mobile phone, send quick updates or reminders to family members, and lots more.

You've got a calendar with each family member color-coded, so you know at a glance who needs to be where and when. You can even e-mail or text message reminders to family members from the site. Plus, you can print your calendar by day, week, or month if you're a technically-challenged family.

There are also endless list options, including a to-do list, grocery list, what-I-need-to-make-that-cute-thing-I-saw-on-Adventures-with-three list--you personalize the list, so it's totally you. Plus, you can send your list to your cell phone, PDA, or call Cozi to have your list read to you! How cool is that? I can totally see myself using that feature at the grocery store while rifling through my purse, looking for my grocery list (it happens to me weekly).

If you're like me and lack of time has been making your personal blog suffer, but you want to keep track of funny things your kids say, your feelings about a special family occasion, or record the details of a family trip, there's a cool journaling feature that even lets you upload pictures. They say in the near future you'll be able to share your online journal with family and friends.

So, your welcome!!
Go get yourself organized then go find something fun to do with your kids!!