January 22, 2009

as girly as it gets..

Giggles has always been my little girl.
A true tomboy at heart and she is only 2 years old.
Never one to shy away from dirt or mess..she would rather be down on the floor pushing toy cars or trains around then lugging around a baby doll.
Trust me.
I tried.
Brought home a beautiful baby dolly from hawaii only to have her tossed on the floor and driven over by a train.
I was disappointed yes but I knew..the day was coming when my little girl would finally embraced her inner girl!!
I caught a glimps at christmas when she dragged the dolly stroller around.
But look at what she was doing today!!

Complete with frilly high heal shoes and a purse!!
She was just darling!!


Venus said...

well good for her. My boys embraced their 'inner girl' a long time ago. They can both walk in heels better than I can! lol