January 14, 2009

Guess who's moving to a big girl bed!!

**unhappy sigh**
This is getting to be a little too much!
First her bassinet was recalled and now her Stork craft crib has been recalled
I don't understand why manufacturers can not make a product that will stand the test of time...or find materials that will not poison our children like the lead toy scare only a few short years ago.
Where is the pride in workmanship?
Is the quest for the all mighty dollar that strong that they will make a product for years and years know that there is a problem before they do anything about it?
I am beyond disgusted and now I just want to get my sweet little baby out of that bed and move her to a big girl bed.
I was waiting actually to do this but my hand has been forced.
She's my baby.
I just wanted to keep her tiny for a little while longer.
Only God knows if there will be another one after her.
We can't even decide from one moment to the next if we want another baby or not.
So, now the hunt begins for her big girl bed.
I am thinking :classic Wooden bed
the funky one

Hmm...wonder which one will be in her bedroom soon?