January 15, 2009

things I have learned thru my son...

**this will be an ongoing post so bear with me**

*my sweet little boy showed me (without meaning too I am sure) how silly our sin must looks to God.
Last night he wet his bed.
I must have forgotten to take him to the washroom before I settled down for the night but regardless.
No harm no foul.
Sheets wash, bodies get cleaned and re-dressed but it's what he did with his wet clothing that reminded me so much of how we try to hide our sin from God.
He took off his wet clothing and stuffed them under his dresser to hide them from me.
Granted I was still in my bed and Barry was dealing with him but he must have known that I would find out.
That simple act got me thinking.
How many times have I sinned then tried to "hid it"?
How silly to try and hide my sin from the very one who already knew what I did and loves me too much to let me wallow in it!