February 25, 2009

Giggles's chronicals and the Fireproof movie

OH my gosh!
This is crazy.
We think that sweet little giggles might have broken her right thumb.
I wish that kid didn't have such a high pain tolerance.
Why can't she cry like normal babies when they get a bump?
Why can't she run to me like Mr. D does and ask for a "kiss for my owie"
Nooooo not my girl!
She takes everything in stride and doesn't even make a peep.
The only time she ever cries is if we are washing her hair in the tub (she hates getting bubbles in her eyes) or if Mr.D took her toy away.

When I got home last night from working out at the gym Big Daddy said

"I think giggles may have broke her thumb a long time ago and we never knew it."


If you look at her right thumb she can't straighten it fully and it feels like the bone is fussed that way.
Granted I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be but that's what it felt like to me.
Beside myself is an understatement.
Took a chance that maybe just maybe the doctor's office would be open and that we could get her in to see the doctor in the next couple of days bug God was with us and there was a cancellation so I took her in to see the doctor last night.
(he must have know that I wouldn't rest until I knew she wasn't in pain and she was going to be okay)
The doctor sent us for x-rays on her both of her little hands.
Sadistic x-ray technician tried to have me tie her little hands into origami birds attempting to get the "right" pictures then wouldn't tell me anything!
**unhappy sigh**
So, now I wait.
I hope we get some answers today!
Needless to say she was miserable when we got home last night and her bed time was later than normal but she's back to her bubbly self today!

Big Daddy and I had a quiet night after that thankfully and curled up to watch the greatest new movie!


What an amazing movie..**happy sigh**
I dare you have to check out Fireproof the movie for yourself.

You won't be disappointed.

And while your at it check this out too: The Love Dare