February 26, 2009

..kids say the darndest things!

Wonder what Giggle would share with you if she could blog?
I wonder if she would share that while we were sitting in the waiting room at the lab waiting for her turn to come up she picked up a readers digest magazine (an no, there were no children stories at all for her to choose from but it was a better choice than some of the other ones that were available)..I think it was from Dec.08..the one with Barack Obama on the cover and giggles pointed at him and said

" baybell momma baybell"

"no honey, that's the president, not Tinkerbell"
I glanced over at the woman sitting beside us as she looked over her magazine to see the picture and with a smile on her face she said

"well, they all look the same to me!"
Have to remember that one...

We are still waiting for the results so it might be a wee bit longer.
Will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything!