February 17, 2009

one must pre-print before one can print...

I mentioned yesterday that I had found myself at a crossroads looking on a new path and I was toying with the idea of "pre-homeschooling realm" Mr.D.
Well, today Mr.D and I took our first steps down that path.
Honestly, I am not really sure what I was expecting...I guess I thought it would be a lot more frustrating or hard or something but it wasn't.
I will admit that I had to SIT on my hands most of the time to make sure that Mr.D was making the pencil move all on his own but seeing his little face light up when he "did it" made it worth it.

Mr.D and I waited until all the dayhome children went down for their nap and then we sat at the kitchen table and began.
I never realized how much he grew until I saw his chubby little fingers gripping a pencil.

"which hand is your crayon hand?" I asked
"this one!" he said waving his right hand in the air.
So,I showed him how to hold his pencil in his right hand...no sooner had we figured that out then he switched the pencil to left hand.
I tried to make the pencil "look correct" in the left hand and he would switch it back.
He still hasn't picked a "crayon" hand.
So, until he does we will work on both.
(the left does look better than the right by the way)

I wanted to just dive right in and start with the "letter A" but quickly realized that
"One must pre-print before one can print" so, we did a little straight line tracing...actually we did a lot of straight line tracing.
And I am sure that tomorrow we will do a lot more until he gets it down pat.
But, it's a start!