March 28, 2009

pass the crackers please...and don't skimp on the ginger ale

Why is it only in my world that the virus I had and was dealing with would mutate?
And take ON a life all it's own?
Now I am not trying to be over dramatic here but Big Daddy will share that I am the "worst sick person" around.
I will give him that much.
It's really not my fault that what was a throat/ear thing would turn into a throat/ear/frozen face thing to a throat/ear/stomach flu thing., I am going back to bed.
Hopefully I will feel more like the ME we all know and love soon...

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Violet said...

awe. hugs. that's the last thing you need to deal with right now.

Unknown said...

I heard about someone else who had the frozen face thing.. what has the doctor said?