April 01, 2009


I'm sure that's not really a word but Niffy nunu uses it enough time as her favorite catch phrase that it sort of stuck.
Which is fine because really, this is a post about randomness!
A few pictures!

As a few of you know I have been busy taking the Wilton Cake Decorating courses.
I just finished the last one which was Fondant and Tiered Cakes!
Love working with fondant but can not stand the taste.
Think nasty bubble gum and you get the idea.
And of course, after having "the plague" for almost an entire week I had to make ALL of these roses the day before class.
45 to be exact.
Here is a close up of the flowers and leaves:

The back of my cake:

The front of my cake:

Oh..and speaking of the plague.
Remember when I was on the phone with the Cold medication company to find out about my freakish symptoms...
well Giggles or the "little green goblin" as she should now be called was busy doing her own decorating.
Thankfully it was washable green marker but still.
The child colored the windows:

Plus we have found her Handy work on the walls, the doors, herself..her brother.
..a budding artist in the making!

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Kara said...

Your cake is beautiful! Great job.