April 06, 2009

pirate ships, ear infection and Britney Spears?

Mr.D & Giggles are BIG into Peter Pan right now.
It's actually been a few weeks since they watched "Peter Pan" which created this new found interest in treasure, pirates and pixies but I sort of thought that this would have started to fizzle a little bit but, it hasn't.
Not in the slightest.
A plastic screwdriver has become a sword, he adorns his head with a make shift "night cap" and he has decided that my Tinkerbell cake decoration as his "Miss Bell".
Big Daddy is "Captain Hook".
I am "Wendy" and Niffy Nunu is a "mermaid".
I'm not sure how we were all casted into these roles but so be it.
Anyways, we got the "chance of a life time" yesterday.
We were at the mall and got a chance to take the little ones on a "real pirate ship"

Granted my camera was at home so we didn't get a chance to snap any photo's of the kids in all their glory.
They were OVER the moon excited!
Thought I wished that they had some more "stuff" for the kids to explore while they were on the ship.
The canons were covered with a table.
Because we all know that's what the real pirates did.
So, the afternoon went well...then in the blink of an eye Mr.D went from being a happy little boy to lying on the floor with tears streaming down his face saying that his ear hurts.
Off to the medi center we go to have him checked.
Sure enough.
He has an ear infection in his right ear so we are back on medication.
Didn't we just take that little stinker to the doctors a week or two ago?
Yeah, I think so too.

And as for the Britney spears part.
Well, me and Niffy Nunu are seeing her tonight is concert.
This could be interesting!

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