May 08, 2009

Who knew it would come to this?

**shakes head**
The girl is good...really good!!
Giggles started fighting her afternoon nap time a few weeks ago but, she settles down in a few minutes and is off to dreamland for at least 2 hours so I know that she really still needs to have a nap.
Today she escaped the confines of her bedroom and I found her on the staires sobbing her eyes out in an angry protest.
I knew that she could open doors but she had never tried to open her own door ever so it never even dawned on me that she might try and escape.
Well, she did.
So now the safety door handle that was on the front of her bedroom door has now been moved to the inside of her room.
Who knew it would come to this?

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Anonymous said...

LOL Ethan's inside of his door has been like that for 6 months now, he has been an escape artist for awhile...we've had to put it on our bedroom door and the bathroom door because he tries to flush things...

Michelle and Matt said...

And how long until the smarty pants figures that one out?? We put one on the pantry door and the inside of Lewis' bedroom too and it took him A DAY to be able to open them anyway...