May 08, 2009

why I blog...

You may have noticed that I did not participate in yesterday's {meme} Thursday thunks.
I wasn't burried under a mountain of laundry or up to my elbows in dirty dishes.
I didn't run out of time yesterday so that's not the reason why.
I even had all the questions copied and was set to start answering the questions when I stopped.
A bigger one needed to be answered....

Why am I doing this?
Why do I blog?
When I first started blogging I blogged as a way to sporadically post small tidbits about the adventures that I shared with my amazing children.
I knew that if I didn't capture my experiences and notes in some sort of format, I'd probably forget a lot of it.
Things that I didn't want time to erase from my memory.

When I first started the blog, I mistakenly thought that people would sort of follow my whole experience, from beginning to end. I have no idea why I had that totally ridiculous, narcissist fantasy. I do have many people that do read the blog like that, but I also have a large number of people who search for things like "Green cleaning" and "Earth Hour" and end up randomly on my site, reading individual entries.

I do not write because I think that I am such a fascinating and wonderful person that I owe it to the world to share my every thought, emotion, and daily event. For me it is a social past time.
The simple answer is that, although it is entirely my choice and I am grateful to be able to afford to do so, it is lonely being at home alone with a 2 and 4 year-old and my 14 year old (depending on school schedules and illnesses). I can only change so many diapers, wipe so many noses, and referee so many battles before I feel my neurons fizzling and popping one by one in a slow and painful "mom" at a time.

I have been following My Chraming Kids and her adventures with her newborns son's fight with SVT, feeling the fear in her posts yet the peace in knowing that God was with her and her sweet little son. Shouting for joy when I read the news that he was being released from the hospital sat in front of my computer sobbing with tears streaming down my face.

When a stranger from far away can reach you in your kitchen and change your day, that is a true and beautiful connection. It gives me hope for humanity and the future. Love is universal.

The internet could be a medium for such good, allowing us to reach out and connect with each other no matter where we live, what we believe, whether klutz or triathlete. This kind of experience is a reminder to me that human beings the world over share so much. Perhaps this is why I blog.

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