June 22, 2009

Our weekend...

Where does one even start after a weekend as busy as ours was?
Our whirlwind of a weekend thankfully is over..seems like we didn't even get a chance to stop and take a break!
The highlights...
*Niffy nunu won "Most promising 2009" at her dance recital and received a statue of a gold dancer and she also received a scholarship for Dance camp this summer.

(I am currently trying to see if I can get her dance uploaded from the camera so I can add it here)

Saturday we painted and built one side of our fence.
We still have to do the other side but at least half of our adventure is done!
I was still scrubbing the paint off of my toes this morning in the shower.
Who knew that gray paint would love me so?
Big daddy and I did take a little break thought..we snuck off to the movies for a date night to see "The Proposal"
If you haven't heard of this new romantic comedy check out the link!
**remember this is NOT PG so cover little ones eyes!!**

As for yesterday...a blur of BBQ, grocery shopping and guitar hero.
How about you?

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Valerie said...

Aww congrats to Niffy Nunu! I have been wanting to see that movie I heard that it is good. I have to get some painting done as well. I just hate even starting. lol