June 02, 2009

Transformations..larva to chrysalis

Before we headed to Banff for our mini vacation this past weekend I figured that I should probably move the "larvae home" inside the butterfly garden. We were expecting them to start turning into chrysalis any time and apparently I was right.
8 out of the 9 painted lady larvae were hanging upside down from the top of the butterfly garden when we came home.
We are guessing they changed either late Saturday night or early Sunday morning so we missed seeing them.
We had one fuzzy caterpillar left. I noticed this morning that he has crawled up to the top of the butterfly garden and has curled up into his "J" shape and will soon join all his "friends" for their amazing transformation.
Considering where he has stuck himself and the mesh from the butterfly garden it's a little hard to grab an actual picture but this one I nabbed off the net is the most accurate (except ours is attached to clear plastic at the top)

Honestly, I should be excited but I am a little sad only because I know that our time with them is coming to an end and soon we will be releasing them into the "great unknown".
This is what the other 8 look like:

And now we wait...they should be in their chrysalis for 7 to 10 quiet days before they transform again.

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