July 27, 2009

Wonder who won...it's after 12:00 right?

Thank you so much for entering our first ever name that photo!!
Would you like to know who won?
I have know for almost two hours now and in between running Niffy Nunu to dance camp and getting little ones down for a nap My computer and I had a slight disagreement as to HOW I was going to upload the picture so, I cheated and snapped a picture of my computer with the digital camera then "tidied" up the picture so it was presentable!



#2 Won!

I know it's a random generator so every number gets a fair chance but what are the odds that this would be my IRL (in real life) Best friend Michelle!

This was the winning entry:

The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Meets Giggles' Baseball Bat...

This was fun!
Michelle, I am going to pick something up for you and pop it in the mail!!
(yeah, mail that's fun and not crummy bills!!)
Look for the next "name that picture" some time soon!!

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