August 15, 2009

Here and now

I so enjoy the quietness of the morning..granted if I had the choice I would still be in my comfy bed with my blankets pulled up over my head but since that isn't the case this morning I have chosen instead to be "glad in it".
The organic coffee has been brewed and I am almost finished sipping my first cup of the day.
Rascal our fuzzy black kitten is curled up on my lap purring loudly waiting for me to give him a quick scratch behind his ears.
He is still small enough that he can lie on my entire leg and not fall off.
I love the feel of his warm fur against my toes.
He's quiet comical to watch too especially when he is emerged in a dream.
He flexes his paws and his whiskers twitch.
Sometimes I wonder what he is dreaming about...maybe me?

Giggles is up too...first we tried to get the t.v. to work so she could enjoy "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" but after numerous attempts to get the darn thing to work we retreated to the kitchen where she busied herself with coloring and is now practicing how to manipulate and use scissors.
A quiet tedious job that seems to be amounting to something if all the snowflakes of paper that surround her mean anything.
The fog outside has yet to lift so it feels even more quiet than it really is.
I think I just heard big daddy's heavy footstep above me so I think the rest of the house will be up soon.
And then my day will really begin!
But until then I am just going to enjoy the here and now.
To find contentment in that is such a blessing.
One that God has been teaching me these last few days.
I need to stop "worrying" about tomorrow and enjoy right where I am.
Even if I am still in my pajamas enjoying my coffee!

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This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

Just sit back and indulge! Your a mom, don't be so hard on yourself.

Lindsey said...

I am totally learning as a mom of 3 to relax when I can and stop being so hard on myself LOL It is hard for sure! God bless :)