May 31, 2010

Snow, Fire & Blood and fights...

I think that is an accurate description of our past weekend.
And no, I am not exaggerating.
I wish I was, trust me but only in our lives do we see all 4 in the span of a few hours.
Blame the snow on us.
We foolishly ordered the remaining fence boards so of course the weather had to turn on us.
It poured buckets while we were building our deck so why would we even think that the weather would be nice so we could finish off our fence.
Mother nature proved us wrong and blanketed our entire world with thick wet flakes.
Our poor tree look like it might snap under the weigh of the snow.
Thankfully it didn't but our plans were altered.
And so were friends of ours so we had company!
Which brings me to the fire part of our weekend.
My dh took a can of spray duster in an attempt to clear a way ward hair off of the lens of our projector (which was hot at the time) and when he started spraying fire shot out of the air vents. Oops!!
Needless to say either the hair is still there (haven't really looked) or it has been singed off and we won't have to worry about that one.
Once that was done we settled in to watch UFC.
Couldn't tell you who won though because somewhere durning the fight I fell asleep on the couch.
Blaming that one on pregnancy hormones or the fact that my dd tried to make me ill when she baked some peanut butter cookies which turned my tummy quite the opposite direction that this former peanut butter lover would have assumed.
Anyways...I decided the couch was not for me so I abandoned my post and headed for the bed only to be up a few hours later with a nosebleed.
Another perk of pregnancy!
And to top it off when I woke up in the morning I got another one... UGH!!

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