November 20, 2010

my adventure with 4 has started

Our newest Addition "Punky"!

(a little late I know but life with 4 can be a little daunting to say the least!)

As most of you know I had been dealing with braxton hicks on and off since Thanksgiving and had done 1 trip to labor and delivery for a non-stress test and the very next day (which was my birthday) I was back thinking that "this was it!"
We were wrong...they sent me home as we weren't progressing fast enough for them to keep me.
Actually, she said that I had a "cranky uterus" so, we went home.
The contractions continued but they didn't really have a pattern and they defiantly weren't doing anything to convince me that we were having this baby any time soon.
Fast forward to the 5th of November.
My dear friend came over for coffee and unfortunately "shared" the stomach flu with my entire family unbeknownst to me at the time.
Mr.D promptly started getting sick late Friday night so I was thankful that baby hadn't arrived yet as I didn't want to deal with a sick baby as well.
Thankfully he is such a trooper and he got over it pretty quick!
Saturday went by with me cleaning like a crazy woman then I crashed and had a really long nap.
Guess my body knew before I did what was coming next!
Early Sunday afternoon we were back at labor and deliver to get "checked"
My back hurt so bad I was convinced that I was in labor and found out that I was in "early labor" and just like last time I wasn't progressing fast enough so they sent me home and told me to nap and get some rest.
They said my back was hurting because baby was "sunny side up" and to get on all fours and the baby would turn. I was dilated 1.5 cm and 60% effaced at the time so I went home.
Frustrated but I knew that my doctor's appointment was the next day and the doctor was going to strip my membranes and get the "show on the road" so I went home and napped. Got a good one in too until the phone ran!
It was my mil calling to tell me that Giggles was throwing up and wanted her momma so, I grabbed some ginger ale from the grocery store and headed over to get her.
Stepped out of my van and promptly threw up in their rock garden.
Great! Just great eh!
So, Giggles and I headed home to get some rest.
She was such a trooper and only got sick two more times and then she was totally fine.
I, on the other hand was a blubbering mess.
We ended up heading to bed at 6:45 for the night but I spent most of that time running back and forth to the washroom.
Add to the fact that Giggles is sleeping on the floor in my room and I have to navigate around her to get to the washroom too each and every time I need to get in there.
I was starting to feel like I was disturbing the entire world! :teehee
Around 1:00 I got a hankering for some apple juice.
The things you want when you are sick!
So, I went and got a nice cold glass of apple juice and had 1 sip and it bounced.
Then I wanted an ice cube.
Tried that and it bounced.
You know you are really really sick when you are sitting on the toilet and throwing up in a pail your in trouble.
Around 1:10 I had a HUGE contraction that sucked the very wind out of you and you know that you are in really really big trouble!
I headed to the computer and pulled up the contraction monitor.
I timed 4 contractions.
They were 1 1/2 minutes long and 3 minutes apart.
Time to go!
And of course, I felt like I had to go pee so I went to the washroom and felt a "pop" and knew that my water had broken and it was time to get to the hospital.
Waddled upstairs, flicked on the light in our closet and told my hubby "time to go!"
Which woke him up in a hurry.
I got dressed went all the way downstairs to the basement to tell my oldest she needed to come up and watch Giggles as we were going to the hospital.
Grabbed my coat and the hospital bag and told my dh I would wait for him in the van. :teehee
We left the house around 1:30ish. Hubby ran every red light and it's a good thing we did!
Once we got to the hospital they put me in a wheelchair and took me up to labor and delivery.
The contractions were intense and like a wave one after another after another. The porter wheeled me into the elevator and all I kept thinking was "not, not again!!" (Giggles was born in the elevator)
Once I was out I felt a little better!
they wheeled me into the "assessment" room and I looked at the nurse and told her that I felt like I needed to push so they took me straight to delivery.
I remember looking at the clock and it read 1:50 when we got in there.
I got up on the bed and they checked me.
I was 9.5 cm and ready to go.
Pushed for 9 minutes and she was out!
She was 8lbs. 2oz and 19 inches long and a head of gorgeous brown hair.
Where that came from is beyond me.
My babies are usually bald! She has lighter blue eyes too which was a surprise along with the fact we were thinking that she was actually a he!
My fastest delivery yet! (thankfully she is my last...or the next one would be a home birth!)
No time for meds....again!
Of course because she was born so fast her face was quite bruised and the capillaries in her eyes popped leaving the whites completley but almost 8 days later she is looking less and less bruised.
She still has some bruising but not like she did in the beginning.
I can not wait to see what she looks like with her normal coloring but that might be a little while longer.
This was her at 6 days old so you can see how much her face is healing.
And now my adventure with 4 has started...some days we get NOTHING done but I think in a few weeks time we will get back to normal.

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Chickie said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!!!

My daughter was born October 13. With a head full of brown hair!!!

It hasn't been an easy 5 weeks because I have been sick and in a lot of pain. I finally found the cause of that pain last Friday (the 12th) I had gall stones, pancreatitis and a kidney infection. So Monday I had my gall bladder removed and then Tuesday I had an endoscopy to remove some gall stones from my pancreas. I spent almost a week in the hospital but I am home recovering now. Thank goodness!

I hope you guys are all doing well!!!