November 05, 2010

**twiddles thumbs**

I have been hiding.
I will admit that.
Sitting here waiting for our baby to make his/her grand arrival can be a little frustrating.
Okay, okay...a lot frustrating!
Feeling like I am living my life on hold is a little more than I can bare some days but God is helping me thru it.
I might not like it but at least I am learning how to get through it.
Trying to memorize how it feels when baby rolls and kicks so down the road I will be able to remember what it felt like.
Almost 39 weeks and honestly, I believed baby would be here sooner.
Which is probably part of my problem.
When you are expecting early and you don't get it it's easy to feel like your a "labor failure" but I know that the next time I go to the hospital it will be for real and I will leave with a baby in my arms!
The little ones are getting anxious too and it's hard to imagine that my due date is in 10 days!!
10 days.
Almost to single digits... Shesh, where did the time go?

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