January 27, 2009


**happy sigh**

I just love a good book..especially ones where the ending works out the way that I would have like it to.
But now I am stumped.
I just finished the entire Twilight Saga and now I have nothing to read.
I could re-read them and see if I missed anything the first time thru but really, I enjoyed Twilight but I didn't love Twilight.
Somewhere my oldest daughter is screaming a silent "NO"
But it's the truth!
Curiosity has the better of me though and I wonder if there will be a 5Th book in the series that maybe will tie up some loose ends but for now..what on earth am I going to read!!
I head for Mexico on Sunday and I have a 6 hour flight ahead of me before I get to enjoy the sun and the sand.
A magazine is NOT going to keep me entertained the entire trip.
I can read a magazine from cover to cover in less than an hour and there is no way I want to bring 6 or 7 of them on the plane with me...
Anyone have any good suggestions?