February 20, 2009

Heather Needs...

Totally stole this from Mandi…

Google “your name” needs, and see what the top 10 responses are…

Heather needs men NOW…

unless they are under 4 feet tall and call me Momma I already have my hands full thanks!

Heather needs to start wearing a brassiere.

You are approximately 29 years too late with this one. And I am 34. And you can do math. And I am not exagerrating.

Heather needs two therapists.

And sadly I do not even have one.

Heather needs a childhood.

**snort**People do tell me I am way too childlike. Like a LOT.

Heather needs some body guards.


Heather needs a hug.

Yes, well, I think we are well aware of that.

Heather needs something more to be satisfied.

Hmmm...are we sure?

Heather needs Gatorade.

Or a Miami Vice.

Heather needs veggies.

Yeah, probably.

Heather needs your financial support.

Yep. Email me and I will send you the address.

Your turn! I wanna know! Fortune telling in 2007 - Googlized!