March 20, 2009

first day of spring...

I wonder sometimes what it would be like to experience spring anywhere else other than here. The calendar might say "spring begins" but unless you have taken a peak out my living room window in the past few hours you would honestly wonder where spring actually was. "
"spring? if you hear me just yell out where you are so we can find you!!

Spring in Alberta has a very different meaning from spring anywhere else.
We still have snow..lots of snow actually so all the winter gear is going to have to stay put for awhile longer. I don't think I put my snow brush away until the "first day of summer"last year and that might be the case this year too!
The daylight hours are getting longer which now puts a whole new spin on "bed time".
Pretty hard to convince Mr. D and Giggles that it is in fact night time when the sun is still shining through their bedroom windows.
I adore the smell of spring air and can not wait to dig my flip flops out of the hall closet but that too is still a few weeks away.
When the snow decides to melt we will be faced with slush,lots of slush,more mud than you can imagine and a whole lot of garbage that needs to be picked up since it was hidden all winter long under all that snow.
I don't enjoy all the little pieces of gravel that some how get tracked into my house and find their final resting place in my front entrance way.
Gee...maybe I really don't like spring as much as I thought?
Wonder how long it is until the first day of Summer?


Sarah said...

I hear ya with the slush and snow...I went to school up north and nothing irritated me more than tromping to class in slush that ruined whatever pants I was wearing!

swilek said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and for your encouragement! i use to live in alberta-edmonton for 5 years back in the 90's! i miss alberta and need to come back and visit! i miss my visits to my friends' farms in wetaskiwin and up in bonnyville!!!where are you?