April 19, 2009

..pass the popcorn!!

And don't forget the 3D glasses!
Actually, scratch the popcorn idea.
We smuggled in our own snacks and **cough**drinks.
And, I don't even feel bad about it either.
Well, I did, at first.. but after the sticker shock at the ticket wicket I changed my mind.
$46 big ones to take Niffy nunu, myself and Big Daddy to a movie.
The world is speaking "recession" but the theaters are jacking their prices.
**shakes head**Just doesn't make too much sense now does it.
We took in "Monsters VS. Aliens"

Granted the movie was an uber funny one and I am so very grateful that someone somewhere realized that there was a huge need to fix the 3D glasses!

"Old school 3 D glasses" like I wore back when I was a teenager to see the movie
"Nightmare on Elm Street".

and have come up with these "new school ones" which in my opinion were a gajillion times easier to wear!

I think that was the highlight of my whole entire weekend!
Niffy nunu and I modeling our styling 3D glasses...

Big Daddy and I modeling our styling glasses...

What did you do?
(how very 1980 of me eh!!)

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