April 17, 2009

..days like these..

Are enough to make me wish that bedtime came early!
Mr. D has been a little monkey today!
Not listening.
Growling at me or giving me dirty looks.
I told him to go and play and he snagged one of the stools by the eating bar and used it to get some "toys" out from hiding.
And by hiding I mean that we were storing them ABOVE the washer so that little hands couldn't get them.
We have this HUGE bubble wand that he wasn't allowed to play with,
Scratch that, when Big Daddy is home and they are playing "Peter pan" and Big Daddy is being Captain Hook then yes, yes he is allowed to play with it but Big Daddy was at work.
Mr. D climbed up on the stool grabbed it and made a mad dash upstairs.
That wasn't the only thing he nabbed either!
He took the bag of pop guns and all the "you can swallow these by just looking at them balls" upstairs as well...I also caught him with BOTH of the garage door openers...one in each hand pushing the button on one then the button on the other one over and over and over again.
Giggles decided to decorate my hardwood floor in a rainbow of colors as well.
It's days like these that I will remember when I am older.
I know that.
But for now... it's just a adventure!

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