November 04, 2009


Today's the day!
The sun is shining...her cast came off!!
I think she was more excited than I was to be honest with you.
After wearing her "banaid" for 4 long weeks today it came off!
Usually Abby takes her time but not this morning!
She was dressed, had her hair done (she even kept it up for an hour!!) and had breakfast and was sitting at the door itching to get out.
Awesome if we were running late...
But we had an hour to kill!!
So, we took one last picture...

This was the adorable mask that she had to wear while we were at the cast clinic in the hospital ...thank you H1N1.
(I had to wear one too but mine wasn't as cute!!)

Granted..wearing a mask turned out to be a good thing!
The whole appointment that I was told to expect 2 hours for only took 30 minutes!
She sure is happy with it off!
Wouldn't you agree?

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