November 03, 2009

Shesh, get out from under that rock!

I have had enough of this rollercoaster ride!
I just want to sit on the bench with my bucket of carmel popcorn and have a little break. Some "me time"
Is that too much to ask?
Yeah, you would think so right?
We have been swamped!

A few of the highlights since I am literally sneaking in computer time here while I wait for Big Daddy to get home from work.

*Mr.D caught a horrible cough and the thoughtful little boy he is shared it with his little sister who then shared it with me.
(grabs tissue and wipes overly sore nose)
Thankfully I have the option of an early bedtime and perhaps I will even will and for go The Biggest Loser tonight..maybe..the vote is still out on that one.

*Giggles caught a tummy bug the night before her cast was to come off and because of all the "H1N1 drama" we were reschedualed for tomorrow morning.
Did I mention that I just want to put her in the tub and scrub her?
Well, I do.
I want her to sit in the tub and let her play with all her bath toys until she is wrinkled and then I will slather that arm of hers with smelly lotion.

* I feel like I have been on a little bit of an emotional overload this week.
My "due date" is quickly approaching but sitting on this side of it, honestly it sucks. I know there will be no baby to bring home because of the miscarriage. Every time I have been out this week I have seen either newborn babies or pregnant momma's to be and instead of the happy person I normally am, I turn the other way and pretend that I don't see. Honesty, that one is pretty hard to do when you hear the hollering of a newborn but for my sanity and Big Daddy's I did. Two more days..I can survive two more days right?

Thankfully I know the promises that my father has for me and I know that he will lift me up this week.
I don't have to hide.
But sometimes, it's best not to post when all I have to share with you all is blah garbage.

And besides, I totally forgot to take picture of my Birthday Manicure/Pedicure so I couldn't even share that!!

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