December 16, 2009

He knit me in my mothers womb

Isn't God amazing!
Only He could turn a unfortunately normal every day event into a teaching moment!
Turning the words found in scripture into a something that I could grasp and understand the meaning.

I was curled up on the love seat beside the fireplace with my knitting needles, my pattern and a ball of yarn enjoying the laughter of the two little ones playing in the living room and I was using the time I had between chauffeuring Niffy Nunu to get some of my knitting done. It can take me awhile to get much progress as my hands fall asleep more often that I would like them to so, it's harder to actually get a substantial amount done at one time so you can understand my horror yesterday when I was about 14 rows in when I discovered that I was a missing stitch. Somewhere along the way I had dropped a stitch and because of the pattern there was no real way I could work my way back and correct the mistake. I would have to unravel all of it.
So, as I began pulling the stitches loose this scripture came to mind.
"you made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb."
Unlike me in my humanness God doesn't have to go back and unravel anything.
His stitches are perfect.
He isn't distracted and the pattern he follows is flawless.
Perfect, each time.
Just the way he designed.
Now isn't that cool...

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