December 04, 2009

'Tis the season

The winds of change are in the air..
Something new is happening all around us.
Snow softly falling all around us....
There is a smile on the faces around us.
Frosty breath and red noses.
Laughter and high Christmas spirits.
Our schedules are starting reflecting the busyness of the season.
Parties to to be written and mailed.
Gifts to be purchased and wrapped.
"Tis the season for Change...
Last week we splurged and purchase a new chaise lounge sofa set so we knew that we would have to get the bonus room ready for the new arrival.
Which prompted Big daddy to get our projector hung in its proper place and the speakers needed to be moved as well.
Trying to keep the play space available and safe has been some what of a challenge and I had hope that we would all make the transition smoothly.
There is a laundry basket filled with tools tucked away in my closet along with a ladder.
Hard to know where everything will end up when furniture is being moved around.
It's darn near impossible to get out of the way if you are a plastic Alligator.
And that my friends is what I found when I moved the chair to give us a little extra play room.
We found "Al the Alligator" flattened like a pancake.
And an imprint to match in my carpet.
The children were very entertained and he became the new "it toy" to have all day.
What a great claim to fame...squashed by a lazy boy chair!!
Much to my surprise this morning he was as good as new!!


Which makes me wonder..
What did they make him out of?
Can you imagine if we made cars out of this stuff?

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