March 03, 2010

Growing up is harder than it looks...

One of my worst childhood memories have always been growing pains.
Waking up in the middle of the night with searing pain running down both of my legs. Unable to find a comfortable spot in my bed where the pain would at least lessen so I could catch some much needed sleep I tossed and turned and cried until the tylenol kicked in and I fell into a troubled sleep. You would think with the grief that I had growing up I would be taller than my impressing 5'3 stature but no God wanted me on the petite side.
My sister's growing pains were horrific than I experienced and she has a good 3 inches on me.
His big sister went thru it and occasionally still has a bad night and she just passed dear ol mom height wise.
You should see her gloat!!
Hmm, I wonder how tall this little guy is going to be?
Last night was h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e
He spent the night over at nannie and gua's house and things went well until 11:30 with wicked growing pains and a nasty headache. Gua was pounding on the door at 2:30 to get some medication so I dressed quickly and brought him home to be with mommy.
He settled down quite quickly and has been asleep ever since.
Shesh, growing up is harder than it looks!!

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