March 02, 2010

Like a ghost I was gone...

It’s been a while. The last time I stopped to send a juicy update was around the time that dear sweet Jinx went to his heavenly home and then poof.
Like a ghost I was gone...
I wasn't intending on that happening.
when I look around my life and realize:
Photobucketthe kids are fighting
Photobucketthe laundry needs folding
Photobucketthe floors need mopping
Photobucketthe dishes need washing
Photobucketthe door STILL needs fixing
“What’s that smell?”
“Eeeeew! It’s ME! I haven’t had a shower yet, and it’s 4:00 in the afternoon!”
I don’t mean to be graphic, but that’s what life for a multitasking, self-employed, slightly over-ambitious, mother is like some days. While the details may differ slightly, chances are good you can probably relate to what I’m saying.
It's just,somewhere along the way life got busy. Too busy if you ask me.
With dance lessons, training quizzes, Bible study homework and normal day to day stuff I found I have had to re-focus on what needed to be done at that time and along the way I have made some adjustments to my normal day to day life. I was feeling strung out and stressed out which meant I was entering into a season of change.
One that I actually didn't fight this time so I know that in some aspect I am growing.
I have trimmed things from my life that are no longer satisfying and enjoyable for things that are.
Rediscovering things that I truly enjoy doing even if someone else wouldn't and picking up a new interest along the way.
Like this one!
I picked up a stampin up card making class.
Two wonderful hours once a month where I don't have to think. at all.
I can let the creative juices flow and walk away with a completed project.
20 valentines cards actually.
Cute eh?
And I put myself back in my agenda.
Funny how I became a mother and all of sudden I put everyone else needs before my own.
Well, that too changed and I learned that wii fit has an excellent "stress reliever" a.k.a boxing and that smug look of satisfaction I get on my face when I destroy that punching bad is totally worth it.
We also celebrated Niffy Nunu's 15th Birthday!
How time has flown...
Promise, I won't get all sappy on you this time...

Niffy Nunu's la moi!

Probably the best cake I have done to date really and a real eye opening experience too I might add.
I started cake decorating because I want to be "that Mom"
You know, the crazy one down the street that is up all hours of the night decorating a cake to make it look just "right" when I could have gone down the street and picked one up from safeway.
Either I had too much icing sugar but I learned that I really enjoy decorating cakes!!
Boy was it tasty too...
She celebrated with a sleepover...10 15-year old girls up until the wee hours of the morning.
Hmm, wonder if the silly string mess has been cleaned up or if it will all wash away with the snow?
Oh, and another quick snap before I bolt...

"my kitchen help"
What a darling little girl she is growing up to be!!
Well, time to soak in the tub.
It's been a long day....

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