March 27, 2010

The wall..1.. .mommy 0

I love the budding interest my son is showing in the arts.
It tickles me pink to watch his growing interest in writing his name over and over and over again.
I don't even mind that he has used up an entire package of printer paper to hone his skills.
I do have a problem when he uses my walls.
A big BIG problem!
We tried....baking soda, tooth paste and hairspray.
Finally we purchased the "Mr. Clean eraser" to tackle the job.
It worked but rubbed off the paint as well.
Wonder how much it would cost to get ALL the walls painted.
Any guesses?
Yeah, me either!

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Alyssa said...

Oh boy! My neighbor's 6 year old did a whole mural on the back of her bedroom door with marker a couple weeks ago.

Hope you're doing well! =)

Becca said...

LOL, we had the same problem, only it was the kitchen cabinets! My son colored on Grannie's bedroom wall with a sharpie a few weeks back - pretty sure that one will just have to be painted over.