May 12, 2009

..the start of an amazing journey

That still small voice has been whispering to me for quite some time now that I am supposed to take this study.
There is a very important message and truth that I need to hear and remember.

Actually, all the girls in my table group wanted to start this study but things sort of got in our way.
gee...I wonder why?

There wasn't space at the church due to other program's...childcare was an issue.
Everything that would have stopped me and almost did but, I am going to be faith full and listen.
Hopefully the study will be offered in the fall but, I couldn't wait for the fall.
So, I am taking the study on my own.

I ordered the workbook from our church book store and I downloaded the first two sessions Beth Moore Daniel

Trust me on this one...When you do a Beth Moore study, you've really done a study!
Anyone interested in joining me on this amazing faith journey?

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Banteringblonde said...

sounds interesting but I'm not familiar with what you are talking about?

Unknown said...

I am hoping that someone out is cyber space will take me up on my offer and pick up their own materials and "do" the Bible study with me :)
Beth Moore is a very gifted woman...
for more info on the study check out:

for more info on Beth:

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

Oh Heather! I did this, but didn't finish. I think I got to the 6th chapter & my body wouldn't let me do anymore (I was preggy with Delayna). I would love to finish it up, but need the videos.

Unknown said...

You can download the videos online.
Copy and paste this link:
and you can download the videos.
That's what I did :D
What did you think of the study so far?

This Is Me, Doing What I Do said...

Thanks Heather!
It really helped me grow. It was alot of work, but man did I see a difference! I even shared with my kids & DH.
I pray you will be blessed!